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Blister Coated Foil
Blister Coated Foil are the top grade metallic laminations that are used for the packaging of medicinal drugs such as tablets and capsules. They are highly popular due to their light weight and high resistance against moisture, water and environmental impurities. 

Aluminium Laminate Foil
Aluminium Laminate Foil are the food grade protective packaging materials that are widely used to make airtight and moisture resistant packaging. They are provided with a thin laminated coating which make them impermeable against oxygen and impacts of water.
Alu Alu Foil
ALU ALU Foil are thin aluminium sheets that are used for the manufacturing blister packages that are mainly used in pharmaceutical industries for the packing of medicines. These sheets ensures higher protection to extend the shelf life.

Sachet Aluminium Laminate Foil
Sachet Aluminium Laminate Foil are the small packets that are manufactured by using top quality laminated metallic films which closed edges. They are widely used to store food and pharmaceutical products to preserve them for a longer period of time.
PVC Film
PVC Film availed by our company are manufactured by using top grade thermoplastic materials with excellent thermal resistance and elasticity. They are widely used in constructional and many other applications due to their water and moisture resistant properties. 


We are one of the best manufacturer and supplier of PVDC Film that are used for the manufacturing of various types of protection barriers and packaging materials. They are available in many different sizes as per the length and diameters of the rolls. 
Aluminium Food Wrap Foil
Aluminium Food Wrap Foil are the one of the best solutions that are widely used for the preservation of food products and keep them warm for a longer period of time. The offered sheets are available in cylindrical rolls of various different sizes. 

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